We wish to thank you for attending the 12th INALCO Conference and REGAL Students'day (JER) 2013

The Conference and poster sessions' attendance was over 200 and we are very thankful for your participation.

Photos of the event will soon be posted on the site.


Aluminium alloys and light metals are widely utilized for building and civil engineering structures, aircraft, storage tanks, rolling stock, automotive and marine applications because of their light weight, relatively high strength-to-weight ratio, ease of forming (through such technologies as extrusion), and good corrosion resistance. Bolting, welding and bonding are the most important, versatile and practical joining processes for these constructions.

The objective of the International Aluminium Conference (INALCO) is to present and discuss topics relevant for various products and constructions in aluminium through the exchange of knowledge and experience of engineers and researchers in a variety of fields worldwide.

The first International Conference of welded products and constructions with aluminium alloys was held at Cleveland, USA in 1979 and established as INALCO at the second conference held in Munich, Germany in 1982. Since then these conferences have been held every three years at different locations all over the world.

The INALCO 2013 conference presents a wide scope of information and experience in all aspects concerning aluminium applications in the above six fields.

The INALCO conferences are highly successful and well recognized by engineers, architects, researchers, and scientists from many countries working for research and academic organizations, as well as specialists within many industries including marine, civil, architectural, transportation and other applications.

The Organizing Committee

Aluminium association of Canada
MAADI group
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